Dear Friends,

In every country, every person is different!  No two Americans are the same.  No two Ethiopians are the same, either.  When we talk about "the American people" or "the Ethiopian people" or "the Canadian people" we are doing something called "making generalizations."  

But have to remember that no one person represents ALL of the American people.  No one person, living in China is the same as any other person in China!

When we read books about people from a different country, we need to understand that a country is made up of millions of people and they all have different thoughts and feelings and loves and likes.  

Miss Rebekah and Miss Ing think that there are some things that ARE true about every person:

  • Every person is beautifully made!
  • Every person is important!
  • Every person has a story!
  • Every person deserves respect and kindness!

Are there others things that you and your family can say about other people?

Maybe you believe that all other people are interesting?   And that is why you are here on this page, reading this and watching Miss Rebekah!

On this page and in the videos, you might read or hear us say, "The people of Ireland are..." but please remember that everyone is unique.

We want to celebrate the things that make us different and celebrate the things that we have in common.  

The world will be a much happier place if we do! 

Thank you for sharing your precious time with us!  


Miss Rebekah and Miss Ing

Miss Rebekah Visits Kenya

Visit Kenya again with Miss Rebekah, watch the show here!

Kenya is the world's 29th most populated country, located on the eastern side of the continent of Africa.  

Hunting is illegal in Kenya.  Rodeos and animal fights are also banned.  

Education is free in Kenya.  Children who live near cities like Nairobi go to schools that are very similar to yours.  Many kids do not go to school because they are busy helping their families, tending to farms, animals and getting water.  That doesn't mean they aren't learning though, they are just learning different things and in different ways.   For these village children, storytelling and music are a big part of learning.  Stories and lessons are passed down orally.  

The Maasai people are an ethnic group living in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania.  Many Maasai live in villages and many also live in cities.  Do you see why we can't ever say, "ALL Kenyans do this..." or "ALL Americans like this..."  Kenya is a diverse and beautiful country, with diverse and beautiful people, just like the USA!

Read the book Kenya at home! 

Put the book, African Savanna, on hold right here.  

bush baby, also called galagos


 hunter-gatherers, near Nairobi  

Mt. Kenya
waterfall near the village 
of Nilothi 

Kenyan women in Nairobi

Maasai girl at school
School band in Nairobi

Maasai woman and her baby
Maasai man riding a motorcycle

Miss Rebekah visits Laos

Watch Miss Rebekah's trip to Laos here.  Would you like to read the book LaosYou can put it on hold on this page.  She also read the book Beetles and you can put that on hold here.  
Miss Rebekah and Miss Ing found Laos to be the most intriguing country yet.  So much of what they learned about it was different from their own experiences.  

We found a video of boys in Laos playing Sepak Takraw, a game like a volleyball, but only feet are used, not hands.  Check it out here.   Watch a video of a professional women's Takraw team from Laos playing a team from Thailand.  Those women have to be in great athletic shape to play such a challenging game!  

Since 1990 the Laotian government has made education a priority.  They have worked hard to get more kids in school and raise the literacy rate.  

Travelers to Laos have said that Laotians are among the most laid-back and friendly people they have ever met.  

Laos has twenty national parks, one more beautiful than the other.  

Most people in Laos are Buddhist.  Most boys between the ages of 8 and 20 are expected to become novice Buddhist monks for at least three months.  

There are more than one hundred ethnic groups in Laos, each with their own language.  Lao is the only official language.  

Golden Reclining Buddha in gardens at
Wat Pha That Luang
 Vientiane Laos

smiling Lao girl 

Lao boy looking out his window

monk preparing a meal
one of many beautiful caves

waterfalls and lakes are plentiful 

a monk handing out candy to kids

Miss Rebekah visits France

France is a country with a lot of impact on food, clothing, art, and other parts of popular culture.  Ask four super-special grownups and we bet that at least two of them studied the French language in high school or college!  Do you like crepes or croissants?  They started in France!  

It is the most popular tourist destination in the world.  There is much to see there in nature as well as many famous paintings and beautiful architecture.  

It is part of the European Union which includes twenty-six other states of government.  

The official name of France is the Republic of France.  It is based in Western Europe and it also includes territories in other parts of the world.  New Caledonia is one territory that is working to become an independent country.  In December New Caledonians will vote to see if they will remain part of France or become independent.  

Watch the show again, here!  

Would you like to read the books Miss Rebekah read today?  Put France on hold!  Place a hold on Little People, Big Dreams:  Coco Chanel here!

Le Mont-Saint-Michel, Normandie, France

 Toulouse, France @timothyasanders

getting creative
Mont Blanc @travelopher
 Eiffel Tower in Paris

Marseille, France @k.sachiko311

Miss Rebekah visits Ghana

This week Miss Rebekah took us back to the incredible continent of Africa.  She read the book Ghana and you can put it on hold right here.  She also read the book Leopards and you can put that on hold by visiting this link.  

Nana Akua Goes to School is a really, really great book about a young girl whose grandma is from Ghana.  Put Nana Akua on hold here.  AND you can watch an interview with the author and the illustrator right here!  Check it out!  If you are a super-special grown you, you FOR SURE want to read Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi.  She was born in Ghana and a lot of the book takes place there.  It is a favorite book of Miss Rebekah, Miss Kara, and Miss Ing.  Put it on hold here.  

Ghana's government is considered to be very stable.  Elections have been held peacefully since 1992.  Many people in Ghana are still struggling for rights.  Groups in Ghana are trying to bring equal rights to women, children, LGBTQA+ people, and persons who worship in non-traditional ways.  

Hanging out and having fun! @sage_artisticowereko

Kids working on a farm @j.m.bez


The city of Accra

Friends in Tema, Ghana 

Miss Rebekah visits Malaysia

Watch Miss Rebekah's trip to Malaysia here!  If you want to check out the book Malaysia, you can put it on hold here.  Place a hold on the King Cobra book by visiting this link!  

One of Malaysia's leaders is a monarch,  King Abdullah of Pahang is the current king of Malaysia.  There are two different kinds of monarchies.  Some kings or queens become leaders because of their family heritage, a father was king and then his daughter becomes the ruling queen.  These kinds of monarchies are called hereditary monarchies.  Malaysia is an elective monarchy, meaning that the monarch is elected.  Like the Queen of England, his role is mostly ceremonial.

Malaysia has a Prime Minister and the Prime Minister has most of the ruling power, along with other elected and appointed officials.  

Street food is very popular in Malaysia.  A lot of delicious food is served from street carts and trucks and stalls.  The food and culture of Malaysia are very diverse.  Chinese, Western and Indian food can be easily found.  

Malaysia has many national parks that protect many jungle areas in the country.  The biodiversity is incredible!  

Kids in Malaysia like to play 
games on their cellphones, too!


Malaysian kids at school.

Kids jumping into South China Sea! @ellinnurbakarudin

Mom and daughters, smiling for the camera!

Marina Mahathir is a social activist and the 
daughter of the 4th and 7th Prime Minister
of Malaysia.  She works for human rights in her country.  

Miss Rebekah visits Guyana

Guyana is a tropical country in South America.  This year the Guyanese people celebrated their fifty-fifth year of independence.  You can watch Miss Rebekah's trip!  She read the book Guyana and that can be placed on hold right here.   She also read a book about sea turtles and you can, too. 

The people of Guyana come from a variety of different backgrounds and cultures.  Guyanese culture has been influenced by African, Indian, Amerindian, British, Portuguese, Chinese, Creole, Latin American, and Dutch peoples.  

Guyana is one of the financially poorest countries in South America.  Guyanese children are impacted greatly by this.  We all hope for and many work for the day when all people, all around the world, will have enough to eat, a safe place to sleep, and the freedom to live in peace.  You can find more information about how our country is working to empower the people of Guyana here.  

By Sorenriise at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,
Kaieteur Falls 


By Bill Cameron - Kaieteur Falls, Guyana, Public Domain,
Golden frog Kaieteur found only in the Guianas

By Dan Lundberg - 20191121_Guyana_0048 Georgetown sRGB, CC BY-SA 2.0,
St. George's Cathedral, Georgetown
Guyanese school kids

Streetmarket shopping in Georgetown